3 Books to read for lasting Inspiration


Out of all its forms, inspiration for me is really about connecting with something or someone.

While all our attachments with things can make our lives messy, CONNECTION with human beings is what we long for…


No Mind People

Dear you,

I LOST MY MIND! There there! No one can accuse me of hiding it. Yes its out there now. In the open skies and the open blues.

Never thought that I would be this way, and then reveal it in such a way. You know the way we say ‘Hello there !’ or ‘Its a good weather today.’

Like when in the cusp of a tea and a cigarette, someone naturally starts to expound the sermons of his life, The fruit of which was getting dry and Juicing it suddenly became more than just necessary.


Yes, now they too are saying it. Celebrating it, rejoicing it. Almost as if a chant within a chant, with no meaning of and by itself. Transmitting it further into the valley of set boundaries and set patterns, the valley where the others (?)live. Transmitting it from one to another, like a playful happening, part truth part gospel. Hoping to reach a point where they reluctantly so, become one.

And yet there are a few. Who are more than willing to strive it out into doom. Who reject to ferment themselves in the sage’s being. Who at the most call themselves truth seekers, but have a secret affair with their own concrete and set desires. Who have, almost as a self imposition, resolved to save humanity from its end and become the heroes that’ll show the way of TOMORROW. Mighty is their way! Which in their lust of seeking a later tomorrow, have forsaken their very now present.

I LOST MY MIND, but in turn had to preserve a little in disguise, enough to have a genuine conversation. To tell them, that my people aren’t bad people. To tell them, that they are just different bodies longing to have their hearts united. To tell them, that the no mind people are actually the ones who mind and who’ll mind their own and each other’s existence.

And that of whatever mind is left of me,

I’d let you smoke it out,

Or melt it with the flame of no mind-ness,

That is there deep within you too,

And make a tea out of it.

Within the cusp of which along the way, whichever you chose, you too lose something of your own.

Thank you

The No Mind Sage