I was to

I was to sell my soul

And gather every penny intact

Of what I once perceived irredeemable

Was now in sale for the meek and mighty alike


Go for more!

…and then I am born

And so are you.

Along the way we try to make sense of things, and settle just once and for all….

Only forgetting that the path we are led to is nothing but a path of Death. Only I do not think death ever happens. Only an illusion sets in, making us to reflect and believe on a deteriorating body, slowly becoming incompetent of containing yourself. And the same for a deteriorating self unable to serve You. The real You.

And then it happens finally. The Body dies. Your-self dies. The illusion breaks, revealing the abyss of No-thing.

But not me though. I AM BORN AGAIN. I’ve risen again. And as I said…..

And so are you.