The Absolute

To attain the depth akin to the oceans,

Digging as deep

And diving as deep as it becomes,

To a point where the act of attaining becomes second nature,

First being the will of my Lord.

To Dream of the Ultimate,

In ways through which I don’t ever chase,

Anything that the heart truly desires,

Beholding then to the ways ,

Which made the Dreaming worthwhile,

At the very first place.

To expand all the Horizons,

Which are there to exist,

Going beyond the beyond,

I know now in my Bliss,

That of ignorance;

Something which shall no longer be some far fetched Dogma,

And truly my reality in disguise.

DISGUISE? I say yes.

As the Realities of Realities,

Behold to the truth I behold,

That even the Devil of the details cannot hide;

Rather something which in his Nightmares of Nightmares ,

He absolutely fears.

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