Just Make me

Make me do the most stupidest thing you can think of,

I mean it!

Like going bald here on spot,

Or slapping myself for the same,

Or licking the bottom of my foot,

Making all the crowd around ask you,

“What’s up with your guy?”

Maybe all of the cringe-worthy romantic gestures,

Of our sweet time,

Of buying you some flowers,

Or your favourite chocolate,

A Poem written on your name,

And a song sung for the same.         

Maybe all of it wasn’t cringy after all!

Smashing all the glass around

And getting arrested for vandalism!

Or give a speech here on communalism!

Sorry , I can do better..

Yes! Maybe strip myself naked !

Go outside and in the middle of the road,

Scream out ‘I am a bad bad boy!’ or ‘ THIS IS THE END!!’

And something of the sorts.

All of this and beyond,

Shall add on to the list of things,

Which you can expect me to do for you, Right now !

All except one..

Don’t let me ever to make you as my inspiration ,

To do the better things of my life,

I mean it here too!

Because I am not scared as much of the man,

Which I am without you,

Than the man I know I will become,

With you by my side,

As that would be a dangerous man in action,

And not the freak you deal with presently.

To be honest you don’t have to be the same,

Neither do I need to be any better,

It’s just that this moment here

Now and forever,

Shall find us two,

Sharing it together.

Just make me forget this… All of this..

This and what I am to say next,

By resting your soul,

In my eyes,

Through that gaze

Which has neither a tangible beginning

Nor an inevitable end..

Just make me..

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